7 Photos to Highlight Your Wedding Dress

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7 Photos to Highlight Your Wedding Dress

While we won’t be flashing statistics of brides who invest so much in wedding gowns versus the brides who don’t, we can all safely agree that a bride cares about her wedding gown.

If you're looking to give your wedding dress some love, you and your photographer can work together to bring out the uniqueness of your gown and these ideas can help you do just that. These shots will also maximize the best qualities of your gown and make it picture perfect. 

Hang Your Wedding Gown

Hanging your dress gives your photographer a lot of options. The dress can be hung by the window where the photographer can play with lighting.

Hang the Dress

Photo Source: birdsofafeatherphotosblog.com

It’s also great for a light, airy wedding dress to be hung outside where Mother Nature can blow a gentle breeze against the soft hem on a good day.

The wedding dress can be hung just about anywhere – trees, doors, etc. The photographer has unlimited options to show off your dress. This cutewedding dress hanger will encourage your photographer to do just that.

Take a “Headless” Shot

Reserve a few shots to pay tribute to your wedding gown. You will naturally command attention on your big day but let your gown have its own moment by directing the photographer to take a photo of you in your dress, with a close shot from the bust down. Even half of your face downwards is acceptable. In this photo,the photographer shifts the viewer’s attention to the romantic and sexy off-shoulder detail of her dress and her rich-colored bouquet.

Take a Headless Shot

Photo Source: Style Me Pretty

Get Ready with Your Bridesmaids

Shots of the bride getting ready in her gown reveal a vulnerable, unguarded moment that will make this photo worth treasuring. It also allows your mother and the bridesmaids to help you put your dress on. Let the girls give you some royal treatment. The photographer's shots will evoke pre-wedding euphoria while the photo will make you feel like the wedding just happened yesterday even decades after.

Getting Ready

Photo Source: Style Me Pretty

Your Train is a Party in Itself

Don’t put your dramatic train to waste. Have the photographer take lots of angles highlighting the grandiosity of your train. The view from behind is the most common and dramatic, but don’t be limited by that.

Here’s a photo of Kate Middleton moments before her wedding, with her sister Pippa carrying the train of her stunning Alexander McQueen dress. It draws attention to the train while also capturing a cherished moment between two sisters.

Photo of Your Train

Photo Source: Hello Magazine

Making a Statement from the Back

This photo idea is a must for brides in backless gowns or elaborate trains. Back shots can be featured up close or from a distance, depending on the design of the gown. Get a close up of the intricate back detailing, like a row of buttons lined against your spine.

Back shots aren’t just for richly-detailed gowns though. Only Olivia Palermo can pull off a cashmere sweater for her big day. In this "walking away" shot, she shows off the surprise element of her bridal ensemble: the tulle skirt that goes poufy at the back. A glimpse of her bright blue shoes is a bonus.

Take a Photo From the Back

Photo Source: oliviapalermo.com

Bride in Motion

Twirling is a nice way to flaunt a light, layered dress, but there are other ways too. Any dancing movement will do or if you can, run! Candid moving shots of the bride may take practice but the end product is worth the effort.

Kristen’s feature of twirling brides had our hearts aflutter. What better way to showcase the bride’s excitement than a photo of her dancing and playing around?

Bride in Motion

Photo Source: Kristen D. Photography


Flaunt the Curves

The fishtail is a natural scene stealer but in this shot, you simply can’t ignore the bride’s very feminine curves. That’s all thanks to her natural shape, the pose, and the lighting (it has to be a fine balance of brightness and contrast).

Flaunt the Curves

Photo Source: Trend 2 Wear

If you have a body-hugging gown, tell your photographer to take photos of you in favorable lighting. Any good photographer would know the best lighting conditions that accentuate curves and lines.

Bride + Photographer

Always remember that this is a collaborative work between you and your photographer. Your photographer can’t make you do any pose that you’re not comfortable with, but at the same time, you can’t restrict your photographer’s creativity if you want him or her to work magic on your wedding day.

Research and show your photographer your pegs before the wedding day. Express what’s important to you, but after meeting and discussing, let go and trust your photographer. Just remember that the final shots should bring out the best in the gown, best in the bride, and the best in the entire wedding feel. How your photographer completes that equation is a testament to his/her talent, so choose your photographer well!